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Farber Art Services Inc. has the skill and knowledge to handle your art installation vision or design with mastery and style. We are able to install a wide variety of artworks and custom design creations of all sizes and shapes, such as: Canvas, Mirrors, Triptychs, Wall Sculptures, Mobiles, Tapestries, Rugs, Stand Off’s, Custom Collage & Story Walls. We can also hang large/heavy artwork or mirrors in most locations, including plaster walls, above fireplaces, in stairwells and on second story walls.


CORPORATE & Commercial

Our team of experts, work hand in hand with businesses and building owners throughout the Bay Area to perfect the look and feel in their workspace. We also offer art receiving and handling for art shipments prior to installation or pickup and delivery services. Certificates of Insurance (COI) are available upon request specific to your building requirements.


With our eye for design, modern aesthetic, attention to detail and expertise in installation, we continue to be the first call for San Francisco's top interior designers. Having worked with designers from around the country, we understand what it is to carry out a plan involving many moving parts and ideas. Our professional and experienced installers will work with your vision and handle all the little details, that perfect your design.



Our team of visual storytellers are experienced in turning homes into works of Art. Whether it is showcasing family photos, travels and adventures or collections of art, we can tell the story of our clients. Part of personal and interactive art curation is walking into a home, listening for and reliably delivering the design or layout that makes a noticable difference in the way people feel in their homes.

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