Farber Art Photo Collages
Farber Art Photo Collages



Hi my name is Berley Farber, Owner of Farber art services in San Francisco. I’ve been hanging pictures for over seven years and have developed some techniques that will help you hang a picture in the right direction. Here are the tools that you will need: Hammer, Tape Measure, Pencil & Level. The hooks that I like to use are Floreat brand. I get them from Ziabicki imports in Wisconsin.

So you have your wall and you have your art. The first thing we want to do is determine the proper center line for hanging your art. The center line is determined by where your eye naturally crosses the room from left to right. At about 60” from the floor. The height can be determined by objects in the room or by the height of the wall. 60” is a good starting point.

To measure the wire on the back of the art, place the art on your toes and lean it face forward against your legs. To measure the distance between the hooks, pull the tape measure to the desired length and pinch that location. With your two index fingers, pull up on the wire.

Using the tape wire, lift the artwork and see; does it lift equally on both sides. Slide your fingers. while still holding to the tape measure left or right until the art is parallel with the floor. Let go of the tape measure while keeping your finger at the location of the wire. Measure from the top of your finger to the top of the art and in this case it is 4 (x) inches.

Now measure the height of the art and divide it by 2. That’s 16 inches. Now subtract 4 inches from 16 inches, that will give you 12 inches. Now add 12″ to 60” and that equals 72″. 72″ is the height of your hooks. Now most art work looks good centered left and right on the wall. Measure the horizontal distance and 72 inches from the floor. Make a mark.

Now you’ll need to mark the location of the two hooks. So in this case it is 8” which means you make a mark 4” from the right and 4” on the left of the mark.

Now measure 72” on the right and on the left crossing those marks. Holding the hook at the mark, hammer in the nail. Hang the artwork on both of the hooks. To level the artwork, I place the level on the top of the art and hold the bottom of the art out from the wall. This allows for the art to hang off the hooks and not rest against the wall.

Slide the artwork left or right to level it and you’re done!!!